Environment: MAC

Solution: Issue re-appear even If we change the View while opening files to overcome [-315] error and giving Read/Write permissions to root folder to overcome [-5000] error. To overcome the problem completely we can use "Append" feature in order to Isolate the Issue completely.

To append a layout into a new project file:

  1. Create a new project.
  2.  Choose File > Append.
  3.  Select the project containing the layout you want to append and then click Open. The Append dialog box displays.
  4.  In the list on the left, click Layout.
  5.  Select the layout you want to append in the Available list and then click the right arrow button. The layout is added to the Include list.
  6.  One by one, select each of the other items in the list on the left such as Style sheets,Colors,etc. click Include All, and then click the right arrow button.
  7.  Click OK. The layout is appended and becomes active. Ensure to select "Use new" option in case of any prompt message while appending a document.
  8.  To delete the default blank layout, click the Layout 1 tab at the bottom of the project window, then choose Layout > Delete.
  9.  Save the new project.