Applies to : MAC/windows

Background: If you are importing any folded brochure. The top part of the page is upside down. You can refer below steps in order to rotate the layout to better work on this part of the layout.


1. Open QuarkXPress project XYZ.qxp in QuarkXPress 2018.
2. Now Select the top part of the project using the item tool. Group all boxes using the shortcut key Command+G [MAC and cntrl+G [Windows].
3. As the next step, from the measurements palette , set the Box Angle to 0 degrees. It will flip the top part of the page so that you can work on it conveniently.
4. In order to be able to flip it again in its original position, set the box Angle again to 180 degrees and then using the item tool select the grouped part of the page and press Command+G and Cntrl+G on keyboard ( to ungroup boxes)

Folded Brochure screenshot for reference: