Applies to: MAC/Windows

Background: In QuarkXPress 2018 Installed Fonts show up in Quark in both the 2 font menus but NOT in the kerning pairs options.


To resolve the issue please perform below steps: 

1) Please launch QuarkXPress 2018 
2) Go to QuarkXPress menu >> Preferences >> Project >> General and uncheck the option "Use OpenType Kerning".  
3) Click Ok to save the changes in order to view all the fonts under Edit Kerning Pair window.

Note: If you perform the above steps without opening any project then the settings would get applied on all new projects that will be created afterwards but if the same settings are applied with any project opened then they would get applied on the same project.

We use the option "Use OpenType Kerning" to activate the default kerning values for OpenType fonts. When OpenType kerning is active, it overrides any kerning specified through Kerning Table Edit (Utilities menu) for OpenType fonts.