Applies To: Quark 2018 [MAC/Windows]


In order to uncheck the "Create Tagged PDF" option on QuarkXPress level, kindly, follow the steps given below :
  • Launch QuarkXPress 2018
  • Click on "Edit" option
  • Now select the option "Output styles"
  • In the pop-up window click on "New" and in the drop-down select "PDF"
  • A new pop-up box "Edit PDF style" will appear, give the name to the "PDF style"
  • Click on "Tagged PDF" option and uncheck the "Create tagged PDF" and make the necessary changes in all the option as per your requirement
  • Now click on "Ok" and then click on "Save" option in the "Output styles" box

Now, open the project click on File option and click on "Export As". In the next pop-up window select the respective style name in the "PDF style" drop down.