Title: How to update images of large number of Projects .

Applies to- QuarkXPress 2019 and lower versions

Solution:You can follow below steps to update images:

Method I

  1. Launch QuarkXPress.
  2. Open the existing project.
  3. Navigate to: Utilities> Usage> Pictures.
  4. Select one of the missing pictures from the list on the right-hand side and Click update.
  5. Provide the location of the picture where it is saved on your computer. (Recommended: keep all pictures used in the project in the same location and folder)
  6. Click OK.
  7. It will prompt you to update all missing pictures which are also present in the same folder.
  8. Click OK to update all.

Method II

  1. Copy the QuarkXPress project and the images used in the project in a folder on Desktop.
  2. Launch QuarkXPress project from the folder.
  3. The images will automatically will be updated.

Method III

We can use javascript - Update missing images.js  to update image.

  1. Open Javascript palette by navigating to Utilities>Javascript
  2. Click on Samples>Images 
  3. Double click on Update missing images.js to run the javascript

Method IV

You can use Jo DROP XT Xtention to update images in a Project. It shows Image Info palette.This extension generate linked image Report.The Xtension is not a paid Xtention.You can buy this extension and use it with QuarkXPress.

Method V

BigPicture is an XTension that displays detailed information about each picture used in a document. It also provides

powerful tools for managing links and accessing image files. All BigPicture features are presented in a single window,

which can be opened by selecting Utilities->Badia BigPicture.

This is also a paid Xtention.