Applies for: QuarkXPress 2019 on Mac OS Mojave, Catalina & Windows 10

Steps to add a profile in QuarkXPress 2019:

Please go to the below location to add the Color Profile:

Mac HD >> Library >> ColorSync >> Profiles 

After that you need to go to Edit Menu >> Color Setups >> Source , when the Edit Source Setup Window appears you need to check if the profile is under RGB or CMYK tab as shown below. 

When you go to Profile drop down under Solid Colors & Pictures under the RGB tab you need to check if the added profile appears here or not. If yes please select it. 

After that you need to go to Edit Menu >> Color Setups >> Output , when the Default Output Setup window appears you need to click on New and another window will appear as shown below and then you need to choose the options accordingly. 

Please choose the mode as RGB if the profile appeared under RGB in the Source Setup window:

Once the profile is added in Source Setup and Output Setup you need to check how it works by exporting to PDF and go to the Options button as shown below where you can choose the added profile and check the results.