Applies to: MAC/Windows

Background: While exporting the file as PDF it prompts following error dialogue box:


Please follow below steps to fix the Problem:


1.       Quit QXP 15.1.1 and select the QuarkXPress 2019 in the Finder.

2.       Right click and invoke the contextual menu and select show package contents.

3.       Contents> PlugIns> XTensions> and select the PDF Filter.xnt and copy this to Desktop and keep it as a backup.

4.       Once the backup it done, delete it from this location.

5.       Copy the PDF Filter.xnt from the attachment.

6.       Paste into the Contents> PlugIns> XTensions>.

7.       Delete the QXP Preferences and launch QXP.

8.       Create some content in the layout and export as PDF and verify.

9.       Once the output is succeeded delete the backup of the XT copied in the desktop.