Applies to: QuarkXPress 2018 | QuarkXPress 2019 


Apply Adaptive Scaling option available in the Duplicate Layout, and Layout Properties dialogs.This option is only available in the Layout Properties dialog for Print layouts.

This feature allows users to scale items based on a configurable set of rules, to get an almost "ready to use" layout in the new size.


  1. To apply adaptive scaling when duplicating a layout choose Layout > Duplicate. The Duplicate Layout dialog displays.

    To apply adaptive scaling to the active Print layout choose Layout > Layout Properties. The Layout Properties dialog displays.

  2. Check Apply Adaptive Scaling.

  3. Click Options to configure the rules for scaling items on the layout. The Adaptive Scaling dialog displays.

  4. Use the dialog to configure the rules for scaling the items on the layout. The Adaptive Scaling dialog allows you to configure rules for the page properties, locked items, text, pictures, boxes, lines, tables, and any interactivity items that may exist on the layout.

  5. Click OK.

 Note: It is recommended that you create a copy of your file, before using adaptive scaling, especially if you have checked the Synchronize Box Attributes & Content option on the Text, Picture, and None tabs of the Adaptive Scaling dialog. This option affects the source layout, and the sharing cannot be undone. It adds a large number of items to the Contents palette.