Applies to: QuarkXPress 2018 | QuarkXPress 2019


Ruler guides (or simply "guides") are nonprinting guidelines that you can position manually. You can create ruler guides by dragging them off the horizontal and vertical rulers (View > Rulers). You can create ruler guides on master pages and on individual layout pages.


To create a horizontal ruler guide, 

  • Click the top ruler; when the  pointer displays, drag the ruler guide into position on the page.

To create a vertical ruler guide, 

  • Click the vertical ruler, and then drag the ruler guide onto the page when the  pointer displays.

If the Measurements palette is open when you drag a ruler guide, the guide's position is indicated in the X field (for vertical ruler guides) or the Y field (for horizontal ruler guides).

To reposition a ruler guide, 

  • Click it, and then drag it to a different location when the guide pointer displays. You can also double-click the ruler guide with the Item tool selected and enter a new location into the Guide Manager Pro dialog box.

To remove a ruler guide, drag the guide off the page.

To remove all ruler guides from a page, scroll until a portion of the page displays, then press Option/Alt and drag the guide back on to the ruler.