Feature Description :

QuarkXPress extends layout automation features by introducing adaptive settings to convert one size layout to different size layouts. The key use cases include converting a print layout to digital layout which may have a different aspect ratios in page size (height and width). The adaptive settings will help minimize the manual adjustments needed by automatically resizing the boxes and adjusting the content with simple design rules.


You can also resize the print layout from one size to other. Example: US letter to A4, or any custom size.


How it works :

On Duplicate Layout, you will see Options for Adaptive Settings which offers various box and text settings to make duplicate layout function adaptive to target layout size.

           The adaptive settings are supported for following duplicate scenarios:

             1. Print to Print

             2. Print to Digital

             3. Digital to Digital

On Layout Properties (from Layout menu), you will see same Adaptive Settings to resize the current layout. This is currently supported for Print layouts only.

Adaptive settings dialog: