Applies to- QuarkXPress 2020 on Mac and Windows


To Display All Tracked Changes

• Make sure Utilities > Redline > Highlighting is checked. 

• Display the Redline toolbar (Utilities > Redline > Show ToolBar) and then click the Highlighting button . 

You can navigate through the changes made to the component using the navigation buttons (Previous and Next ) on the Redline toolbar. 

To control what kind of changes are displayed, click View Highlighting Options in the Redline toolbar. The View Highlighting Options dialog box displays. In the Highlight drop-down menu, you can choose to view Insertions Only, Deletions Only, or Insertions and Deletions. You can use the Select Reviewers list to view only changes made by a particular reviewer, or check All to view changes made by all reviewers. 

You can use the View Options dialog box to control which reviewers’ edits you view, and whether you view insertions, deletions, or both. 

  • Only insertions and deletions that were made to the component while Tracking was enabled are highlighted. 
  • To change the appearance of change-tracking formatting, use the controls in the Redline pane of the Application Preferences dialog box (Edit > Preferences (Windows) or (QuarkXPress > Preferences (Mac OS X)).