Applies for :QuarkXPress  2019 & 2020


You can create a hyperlink by selecting a range of text or an image and then entering the URL into a field.

In QuarkXPress 2020  you can do it a little differently. 

The Hyperlinks palette 

Destinations A destination is a “container” for a particular URL. Just as a QuarkXPress project can contain lists of colors and style sheets, it can contain a list of destinations. Each destination contains one of the following types of URL: 

• URL: Points to a particular resource on the Web. 

• Page: Points to a particular page in the same layout. 

• Anchor: Points to a particular part of a page in the layout. 

Although the user interface differentiates between URLs, pages, and anchors, the actual link included in the exported HTML or PDF file is always a URL. 

Just like colors and style sheets, each destination has a name. You can give any name you want to a destination. For example, if you have a destination for the URL, you could name it “Quark Web Site.” 

Just as you can see a list of a project’s colors in the Colors palette, you can see the list of a project’s destinations in the Hyperlinks palette. And just as you can apply a color from the Colors palette, you can “apply” a destination to the selected text or item by clicking that hyperlink in the Hyperlinks palette.

You can edit your list of destinations in the Hyperlinks dialog box (Edit menu). Note that as with colors, a project’s destination list can contain destinations that are not actually used in the project.  

If you prefer to create hyperlinks by selecting something and then entering a URL, you can still do so in QuarkXPress. Earlier it use to come in Blue color and underlined when you export to PDF however now you  can format it according to your requirement.