In order to fetch the sample process information, below are the exact steps to capture the log:

Environment : MAC all versions

Summary :


  • When QXP is busy in doing such slow operations or in a hung state, Quickly fire up the Activity Monitor App in parallel (You can do this by hitting command space to bring up Spotlight, then typing in the first few characters, Activity Moni... and hit return. Spotlight will find and launch the app for you).
  • Next, go back to QXP and start off one of those action which was making QXP hang or was taking too much time
  •  Go back to Activity Monitor's main window, which shows all the processes running. QXP should show at the top of the list as the busiest process.
  • Double click on the line for QXP. That fires up a dialog. In the bottom left of that dialog is a button 'Sample'. Wait till the Sample brews. A new dialog will appear.
  • Hit the top right button to save it to disk.
  • Send that file to the relevant ticket.