Applicable to : Windows Machine

Steps :

1. You will get Account Activation email from Quark along with Your Username and there will be a password reset link :

Click on Link to Setup You Account password :

2. Enter the Registered email as Username > Click Submit and Enter the password to configure.

3. You can Also Login and manage your License Management Portal Using same credentials.

Link :

4.  Click on Quark Business Installer to Download for MAC and Windows :

5. Download the QuarkXPress Business 2021 

6. Right click on the downloaded Installer package in order to Extract its contents. ( Mandatory )

7. Open the extracted folder and double click on Setup.exe file in order to launch the QuarkXPress 2021 Installer.

8. Click Next once the installer is launched and follow the on-screen instructions

9 . Choose "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and Click Next 

10. Enter your User name and click Next.

11.  Click NextIncase you wish to install QuarkXPress at a different location, click Change to choose the destination folder.  

12. Click Next on the below screen 

13.  Click on Install to install the program  

14 . Click on Finish to finish the installation. 

15. You will get Installation Prompt Dialogue Box and click on QuarkXPress Business

16. It will Auto-fill your Quark Business login credentials and If not you can manually enter :

17. It will Configure the Application 

18. After the completion, It will create another Quark Business 2021 shortcut Icon and You will be able to

Launch Quark Business 2021